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The Basilica of St. Anthony

Dear Friend and follower of Saint Anthony,

Welcome to the Basilica of our Saint here in Padua.

The friars of Saint Anthony’s shrine have decided to establish a site where news and information is made available to all those who would like to know more about the place where the body of the Saint which the world loves has been guarded for almost 8 centuries.

I am sure you will appreciate the contents of this site, especially if you are about to organise a pilgrimage to our Basilica. It is possible to check timetables and reserve the celebration of a Mass for your group. Choirs desiring to sing during Mass on week days or holidays will find an application form.

I am sure you will appreciate the «virtual tour » offered in this site. It’s not the real thing, you will say, and we agree with you. It is for this reason that we hope to see you personally here in Padua. In the meantime, you can contact us through this address

Enjoy your visit and, in the spirit of Saint Francis, we wish you Peace and all Good.

The Rector-Father of the Basilica and Saint Anthony’s Franciscan friars

How to reach us
Come raggiungerla

All information on roads, buses and trains to reach the Basilica.

Basilica timetable
Leggi l'orario completo delle attività della Basilica.

Without daylight saving: 6.20 - 19.00
With daylight saving: 6.20 - 19.45

Saturday and Sunday closing hours always at 19:45, after last Mass.

Please read full timetable.>

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